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Think clean. Think green

Think clean. Think green
Think clean. Think green.

The global footwear industry produces 23 billion pairs of shoes per year. 95% of these end up littering landfills. That, and the production of just one pair of new shoes expends 495oz. of CO2 into the air we breathe.

Think you need new shoes? Think again. We'll work wonders with the ones you've got for a fraction of the cost, "up-cycling" your shoes to make our world a greener place.

Keep your old shoes new and your signature style fresh!

Let us turn your “waste” into “wonderful” while you make an admirable statement. You’ll pat yourself on the back about discovering our revolutionary footwear restoration methods. Think less waste and cleaner air, plus the very real opportunity to keep your prized pair of shoes as part of your winning repertoire. Why bother replacing old good things when we can bring them back to their original state for less a new pair!

Wearing is believing. Try our online mail-in restoration services for good-as-new results in just 5 business days.

Our services Our renowned services delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Cleaning

    Among our highest sartorial aspirations is that of helping you fight against the tyranny of dirt.

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  • Repair

    We keep your shoes looking and performing their best while saving you big bucks.

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  • Protect

    Keep your shoes and accessories in tip-top shape for the long haul.

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Our products We recommend the use of our beautiful cedar shoe-trees to keep your shoes in proper form and smelling swell. Our DIY cleaners, shoe.

The Word on the Street Koio really lives up to the hype !

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