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Complimentary Video Consultation

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The Word on the Street Koio really lives up to the hype !

Frequently asked questions Questions? We have answers.

Who is restoring my shoes?

Koio has teamed up with The Cobblers to provide professional shoe restoration and cleaning services. All services are completed by The Cobblers’ master artisans, who are located right here in the United States.

When will I receive my restored shoes?

Shoes will be shipped back to you 15 business days after they arrive at The Cobblers’ workshop. Shipping typically takes about 1-2 days (to and from The Cobblers’ workshop) so please account for this time as well. We’ll reach out to you when we receive your shoes, and we’ll reach out again once your restoration is complete.

You can track the progress of your restoration right here, too.

What is a cobbler?

A cobbler is an individual who is professionally trained to mend, clean, and even make shoes. Many cobblers are trained to handle other types of leather goods as well.

Why should I trust you to repair my shoes?

The Cobblers’ team of artisans is trained to handle and care for Koio’s shoes. They understand how they’re made and how they should and should not be treated.

Where is The Cobblers located?

The Cobblers’ workshop is based in Magic City, Miami. Our address is 6300 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL 33138.

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